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Balrog(JPN)/ Vega(the world). CLAW for friends!! by FeLoLlop
Balrog(JPN)/ Vega(the world). CLAW for friends!!
¡¡Esta noche es NocheBuena
y mañana Navidad!!
¡¡Saca las [b]garras[/b] María (bota)
que te voy a [b]destripar[/b]!!(que me voy a emborrachar)

Of course, it's a version of a popular XMas song in Spain, just changed what's in parenthesis for, he doesn't needs any introduction...

I'm pretty proud of this one. It doesn't has a dinamic movement as Chun Li's portrait or a slight movement as Juri's or Ryu's. It's totally static. It's a version of SF2Movie artwork of him, just reimaginated by me. Decided to make him brunette instead of blonde, mostly because:
1- He was brunette in SF2.
2- Being brunette adds more deepness to his seek.
Also, I did him a PRETTY BOY instead of those hideous freaks from SFZ/CvS or SvC. He's supposed to be pretty.
Also, I merged different designs of him. See, there's a small red thing near his lower trouser and don't forget that gold in his shoes, as in SF5. Thinier yellow bands as in SF2 and the purple is softer, as in SFZ. Just changed his eye colour from blue to green because I thought better for him. Also, the mask doesn't appears in the the movie's artowrk, Ijust added it, as the two hands gloves.

So...what else? oh yeah...Have a nice day!!
Shadaloo Cyborg by FeLoLlop
Shadaloo Cyborg
Did you watch "SF2: The Movie"? Then you might remember him. This is a small update to his current design from the videogame(of the movie). Added metallic treatment to its skin, Shadaloo's insignia in his chest(yes. That small) and a Colour Separation in the original sprite.

This might become something in the future, I'm getting curious at spriting with limbs, so...there's a lot of chances!
F.A.N.G. by FeLoLlop
F.A.N.G.'s F.A.N.G(does it stand for Fucking Awesome New Guy?), the newcomer from SF5.

PS: And no. I did not finish the sprite in two minutes. d'Oh!
Chun Li Portrait by FeLoLlop
Chun Li Portrait
Aaaaand!! she's finally here. She gave me some problems at shading(specially her right leg), but I think I did a good job overall. Her colour skin was a pain to choose, but I finally went with a darker Cammy's(from my previous work).

Original lines by Kinu Nishimura(even the picture had her with Cammy and her right leg was not complete in the picture).

Have a nice day!
Chizuru by FeLoLlop
From KoF to CvS. I had fun redesigning her a bit. This is how I think she would look in CvS.


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Current Residence: Valencia, Spain
Favourite genre of music: Chill Out, Rock, depends on the moment.
Personal Quote: Unless you try, you won't know your limits.

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DintheAbary Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2015
Hey felo, do you still have your cvs2 chun li work? imageshack sucks!
FeLoLlop Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2015
Hi! It appears in JMorphman's Chun Li...He also did a sprite pack with every sprite appearing in his Chunners(including Viofitz's and other'ss work).

Have a nice day!!
DintheAbary Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2015
didn't you also do Alpha Chunli cvs2 though?
FeLoLlop Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2015
Nope...just did some sprites, nothing more.
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LennoraSilverstone Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you SO much for the watch! Make sure to stay tuned for my, soon to come, free erotic novel! ;) (Wink)
If you'd like to support my work further, you can visit my Patreon and chip in, gaining various perks Heart
FeLoLlop Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2015
No no, thank YOU for the writtings. You have talent, miss!! I'll take a view to your Patreon later :)!!
Namiiru Featured By Owner May 4, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello! Thank you ever so much for the :+devwatch:!! It really means a huge amount to me! :love:
Your art is great! :aww:
Please take care! :backhug: 
TheFurryCosplayer Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2015
I've seen your sprites in a MUGEN forum before, very awesome stuff :D
FeLoLlop Featured By Owner May 3, 2015
Thanks man!! Have a nice day!
TheFurryCosplayer Featured By Owner May 3, 2015
You're welcome :3
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